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Solocycle Bicycle Repair

514-691-BIKE (2453)


1. Call me (leave phone # in message)
2. E-mail bike photos
3. I call back within 48 hours with a plan and we make an appointment
4. I come to your home and I fix your bike on the chosen day

NEWS May 2022: Happy Spring! I have several unique bicycles for sale, and I am available to do your repairs!

I operated Solocycle, my bicycle repair shop, in Montreal West from 2011 through 2019. I closed my shop because I was putting too much wear-and-tear on my body and soul. I still love bicycles, just not all day every day. I now perform bicycle repairs by appointment at your home. I specialise in complete tune-ups for on-road bicycles in the $500-$1500 range. J'offre mes services en francais et en anglais.

My ideal repair is a quality adult bike which gets a lot of mileage. By packing its bearings with fresh grease, tightening its nuts and bolts, adjusting its gears and brakes, truing its wheels, usually replacing its chain, and thoroughly cleaning it, I can really make a difference. I can also be very helpful if you have several bikes which would be a hassle to transport to a shop. There are some cases which are less than ideal, but may work out. For instance, with inexpensive adult or children's bikes from a big-box store, I can make improvements, but it may be uneconomical to try to tune them to perfection. New bikes which only have a couple hundred kilometres of mileage rarely need complete tune-ups. It might be a good idea for me to book you an appointment, though, if there are several bikes needing minor repairs all in one place. I do service electric bikes, stationary bikes, hydraulic brakes, or suspension.

Appointments start from $165 (no sales tax). This includes a complete tune-up, or can cover smaller repairs to several bicycles (parts not included). I accept cash and cheques.

Please call me to make an appointment. If I am out, or if I have calls I need to return, my land-line phone will go to its answering machine. It is very helpful if you take photos of your bike or bikes, including close-ups of the tires, gear systems, and anything of concern, and e-mail them to me. I am a low-tech person, but I will check my e-mail if I know you are sending me photos.