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Solocycle Bicycle Repair


In 2007, I started repairing bicycles for a little shop in Montreal. After working at five shops, I opened my own in 2011. I loved repairing these beautiful old road vehicles and doing my customers a good turn. I knew it would be a lot of work, and it was indeed very stressful. I did not expect my body to quit before my mind, but I had to get out of this line of work because it was wearing out my hands. I have bicycles and parts to sell, so feel free to contact me about that.

Keep in mind these tips for trouble-free cycling: 1) buy a quality bike ($700+), with no more features than you need, 2) store the bike in an indoor, climate-controlled location, 3) pump the tires to the recommended pressure every 1-3 weeks (skinnier tire = more often), 4) track your chain wear and replace your very consumable chain as soon as it wears out, and 5) use two locks when parking.

I am glad to have met so many fascinating and lovely people. You have my number. Stay in touch!