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Graham Wanless

Graham Please allow me to introduce myself. I was born in Toronto in 1983 and moved to Montreal in 2005. I am an eccentric yet harmless and easy-going man. I live life according to my own rules. Let me tell you something about my life and what I most enjoy about it.

I am a minimalist and very nostalgic. I live as if it is always 1994. I do not own a car, a microwave, or a cellular phone. I am not on any social media websites and I do not have internet service at my home. I am very tidy and clean. I live simply and economically. The luxuries I enjoy are mostly the same things I need anyway, like food and clothing. I reject consumerism and the insatiable pursuit of wealth as humanity's biggest mistake. I am happy to spend money to hear live music, though.

I enjoy time alone and conversation with others. I like taking long walks, and playing baseball. I like to listen to the radio and read newspapers. I am always curious to learn about the world and its history. I love to repair, sew, cook, clean, and organise. I love to sunbathe.

Thank you for visiting my website. Read on to learn about what I do.

JUNE 2022: I am sewing a lot lately. I've been doing repairs and alterations, and I've been remaking my jeans into punk jean shorts. Soon I will get some photos together, put up a new little page about it, and I might even offer my services!